WELCOME TO The Feel Well Empowerment Center

Providing Self-Care Opportunities That Strengthen Families and Communities


The Feel Well Empowerment Center is a collaborative of wellness and mental health related businesses. We offer highly customized support for those with the goal of creating action-oriented positive lifestyle changes in their personal lives and business endeavors.

Our upcoming Events & Workshops

Community Healing Event with AAIMM

July 10th 5-8pm

Healing & Empowerment Group for Domestic Violence Survivors

Every Friday at 1 P.M.

AAIMM Community Action Team Launch Event

September 29, 2020 – Time and Location TBD

Experience feeling well in your life and in your livelihood.



We offer counseling for children, families and individuals, career coaching, private individual and small group yoga sessions for anxiety/trauma relief, wellness supplies (candles, aromatherapy, soaps etc.). We also partner with The Therapeutic Play Foundation to offer low cost drop-in child supervision options for clients receiving services in the center.

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