I sought therapy with Nakeya when I was struggling with anxiety. A problem with which I have been trying to cope for decades with varying degrees of success. As I was engaged to be married, navigating painful family circumstances, and in need of a career change, my anxiety was peaking. She has been instrumental in my growth and recovery since the Fall of 2016.

The nuances one can receive during therapy are difficult to both share and/or describe but let me give you what I can:

Nakeya helped me to identify certain facts in my stories and my life that I was not able to see; perhaps due to my denial and other internal resistances. She was patient and nurturing while we unraveled various root causes and underlying limiting beliefs.

Furthermore, she was able to guide me to re-frame various outlooks I described to her so that I would be able to move forward in my journey with more confidence, positivity, and hope. This includes a re-frame of my long-battled diagnosis of anxiety. We were able to re-frame my anxiety into not purely my defining identification but rather a trait I can use to the benefit of myself and others. Worry, as tough as it may be, is not always bad.

I have seen various practitioners throughout my journey so far, including PhD psychologists, and I found Nakeya to be most effective. She is highly qualified, professional, and kind.

-Melissa Amonoo-Neizer (Thomas)